Group Classes

Reformer Pilates

This group Reformer class provides more individualized workouts that include total body conditioning. This is an equipment based class for those wanting to increase flexibility, mobility, strength, coordination, and endurance.

Mat Pilates

A challenging, full body mat pilates workout that will surely have you breaking a sweat! This well rounded class deepens pilates basics and targets all areas of your body with sequences designed to increase core stability along with lengthening and conditioning elements. Power Pilates will keep you engaged with a variety of exercises, to always guarantee you are challenged with each and every workout! Resistance based equipment is also incorporated in this class.

High Barre

Our signature barre class! High Barre is a fun and dynamic full-body workout that includes elements of pilates, ballet basics, and functional training along with more innovative fascia stretching for added agility and flexibility to give you a powerful and toned physique.

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The Halo® Trainer Plus is a versatile, ergonomic exercise device providing a multi-dimensional approach to functional training. This unique piece of equipment provides step-wise progression to total body training by selectively controlling stability and bodyweight resistance.

Our HALO class uses interval training for full body conditioning with progressions and regressions of the same exercise to keep you constantly challenged and motivated all the while ensuring optimal stability and body positioning.

Amazon Body

This is an empowering workout journey using specifically created strength and endurance movement sequences designed to help you discover new reserves of physical, mental, and emotional strength. Amazon Body combines ancient movement philosophies with more modern influences and breathwork to create a deeper more complex workout for the modern woman.